Why do we offer sedation dentistry with our dental care? Because dental anxiety is incredibly common. Even if you want the best for your smile, it can be hard to move past your fear and get the necessary procedures and treatments you need for the health of your teeth.

Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care caters to patients just like you. Dr. Roeder is licensed to give you the sedation you need for a peaceful visit, and our team is constantly thinking of new ways to make every patient comfortable. Schedule your appointment now for the dream dental experience with sedation dentistry!

Types of Dental Sedation

It is important to us that you have a stress-free visit to our dental office. There are several different types of dental sedation available to you at our dental office:

  • Inhaled sedation: You will begin to feel the effects after just a few deep breaths from a small mask we will place over your nose. The effects also wear off quickly, so you do not have to worry about returning to work with a case of the giggles.
  • Oral sedation: Have someone drive you to Dream-Dentistry and wake up at home. It’s that easy.
  • IV sedation: Get your medicines directly in your vein and you’re off to la-la land. No Worries!

You will probably still feel fuzzy following oral or IV sedation, so you will want to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home.

Our Special, Sting-Free Local Anesthesia

You might initially seek us out for our sedation dentistry options but find that we make you incredibly comfortable even without sedation. One way Dr. Roeder is different from other dentists is that he actually figured out a way to create a sting-free local anesthesia. Any patient who receives anesthesia during their visit is also treated to a milkshake afterward. Strawberry, chocolate or vanilla — you choose!

Dr. Roeder completed an anesthesiology training program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. Hence, you can trust him in the field of sedation dentistry.

We Do All We Can To Relieve Your Dental Anxiety

Our team is made up of kind, caring dental professionals. Our dentists and team use advanced training, techniques and technology so you can get the treatment and procedures you need with less time in the patient chair. If you are ever feeling anxious during your procedure, raise your left hand, and we will stop right away.

Saying we do all we can for your comfort is not enough. We actually carry through on our promise and have the Yelp and Google reviews to prove it.

Experience the difference yourself with sedation dentistry in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, by calling 215-515-6555 or using our simple online form to schedule your appointment today. Our patients know that Dr. Gordon Roeder , Dr. Zachary Kulp and our dental team are true visionaries when it comes to patient care.