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The first thing we probably did was take care of a wisdom tooth that was broken, and that went great. I’d had terrible experiences in the past with having extractions. We replaced all of my old silver fillings. I’ve had root
canals, I’ve had crowns done, I’ve had the veneers done, and most recently, he did an implant for me.

I could not imagine walking around, at this point in my life, with a gaping hole in this. You probably wouldn’t have even been able to see it, but I would know it was there. At first, you get the implant, and it does feel a
little like there’s something different in my mouth. But within a matter of days, maybe two weeks, it felt like it had always been there.

I could chew on my left side, which was really nice. When I laugh, I do tend to have a wide open mouth laugh, and throw the head back, you’re not going to see a hole in the side of my mouth. I’m comfortable with that.

I would say, if you want a nice smile, if you want a healthy mouth, come to Dream Dentistry because you’re going to get exactly that. Don’t let finances play a part in your decision. The office will work with you. There is
the dental savings plan, which is a godsend.

People think dental work is so expensive, and it is, let’s face it. But if you think about, it is something that is hand-crafted, like a piece of fine jewelry, which is going to cost you a lot. They’re kind enough here that
they’re going to work with you. I think it’s more important to them that you have a healthy mouth than for you to worry about the money. That can be worked out. That can be figured out.

When I’ve had some questions, some minor emergencies, I always get a call back. They are always able to work me in if I’ve had something that needs work, attention. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


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I always had pretty bad teeth, and they were really bad by the time I came, but he fixed them all up for me and more than half of them were redone. Two root canals and 17 crowns.

It was pretty extensive. Some of them were, I guess, too far gone. They weren’t worth saving, so the implant was better method for those. Then first time you bite an apple, it’s a little scary, but then you realize that
they’re not going anywhere. They’re probably stronger than your real teeth are. The crowns were all just cosmetic to make them perfect and straight. My wife likes it a lot better and I like it a lot better in family

My kids and my wife have perfect teeth and my kids have braces, so it was kind of hard with my teeth being not so perfect to smile in pictures with them with all perfect straight, white teeth. Mine were not so nice. It’s a
lot better now.

They’re very accommodating to cowards, so if you’re afraid of it, they’ll make it as good as they can for you.


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I wore dentures, top and at the bottom. They were floppy, and I had to use this dental adhesive to keep them in tight. Food particles would get underneath, and that was painful and it really hurt sometimes. So, Dr. Roeder
told me about implants. He said I could be a candidate for them, and I thought, “That sounds too good to be true.”

I thought, “Okay, I’ll think about it,” and then I decided, “Okay, I’ll go for it.”

There was no discomfort before or even during or after the procedure. Now, I don’t have any floppy dentures. No gooey adhesive or food particles under the plate. I can eat food. I enjoy eating the food now, and it’s just
like having my own teeth again.


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I’ve had some extensive work done. I wore a bridge and had some replacement teeth before. Now, I have implants. It took a little bit of time to get through all of it, but it really has improved, first of all, how easy it is
to take care of them. They look good. I don’t have to worry about them. When he was explaining to me yesterday that when he puts an implant in, the cap that goes in goes all the way to the bone. There’s very little
likelihood of having cavities.

The cavity I had was from an old work that I had had done. He took care of that. I don’t really have to worry about that, getting cavities again, because they really do a lot of dental health. They make you more aware. They
show you how to do it.

He did a whole workshop for people here and had a few of us come talk about what we had done and what difference it made. It made a world of difference, really. You just feel just so much more comfortable with good teeth.
You can eat well. You can eat healthy foods, like vegetables and nuts and things that you might avoid if you had false teeth.

It just made it so much easier. You should go see my dentist, Dr. Roeder, at Dream Dentistry in Quakertown, because he’ll take care of it. Whatever problem you have, he can take care of it. He’ll work with you on financials
if you really have a problem. He does a great job, too, at that. He does a community day, where he gives free dental care to people who don’t have any other resources. It’s really amazing to me that he does really give back.
I tell them, “You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to be afraid. It won’t hurt. They’ll make sure nothing hurts, and you’ll get good care.”


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I never took care of my teeth when I was young. I really didn’t. As you get older, you find out your teeth are really important, you know? I had a couple a bridges and all, but they wore out, and these implants are really,
really something. I just can’t get over it, you know? I’m really, really happy with them. You know, I can chew a lot better. You tend to take that for granted when you’re younger, and you start to have problems with your
teeth. You know, you just can’t enjoy your food and chew, but with the implants, just no problem.

For instance, an apple, you take it for granted, and I had. I just stopped eating them, you know? I just wouldn’t. You know, I’d slice it up.

But now, I just had my last implant put in July, I think it was. I grabbed an apple, bit into it, couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe. No problem. Nothing moves. Everything just the way it should be, so that says it all to
me. I can eat anything. It’s almost like my original teeth. I can’t believe it. That’s what it’s like. The implants are that good. He is perfectionist, which when somebody’s working on your mouth, you know, it means a lot.
He does work with you. Fortunate, I was able to take care of it, but he does work with … He has a plan. He has a special plan for folks that … Because they’re a little expensive, but worth it.


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As far I know, implants are really good for anchor teeth, and I had a painful time with my … I think it was my right upper sides. They were constantly infected, so I had to get them pulled. They were that bad. He recommended
the implants, and I’m never sorry. I know it’s an expense, but you know what? It was well worth it. Most of my teeth have crowns on them. They’re efficient, painless. They’re precise. They tell you what you need to be done.
They give you a price. They’re in and out and done. I like everything about them. I have no toothaches. They’re like your own teeth. They stay there. I won’t lose them. I don’t have to take them out. I can say nothing but
good for them. Even my son, who never never says anything, he says, “Mom, your teeth really look great.”


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I had advanced periodontal disease, which I got from my mother, and all my teeth were loose, and we had them extracted and got implants put in. I got four in the bottom. I got four in the top. The dentures go right over top
of them; they connect. I call them “snap-ons.” You just snap them on, and they just stay there. They’re permanent. Well, I can take them out and brush them and stuff for cleaning and things, but I can eat anything. It’s a
wonderful thing. So, I have eight of them, eight implants. I don’t got to glue my teeth anymore. I used to … I should have invested in Poligrip because I used so darn much of it. Going out for lunch could have been an issue
if I didn’t have any extra glue with me. I had to be careful what I ate, be careful what I ordered because things just … they didn’t fit right, and they were just a mess.

You try to eat something, or a steak, even something a little bit crispy or hard, and it some kind … You know it could get underneath and just be awkward.

So, I don’t have to worry about things like that anymore. Everything’s good as far as eating, even speaking. I smile a lot more because I know my teeth look good, so I’m not conscious about them. I’m not thinking about it
anymore. Don’t fool around with it. Get it done once, and get it done right. My only regret is I didn’t do this years ago. That’s what I should have done. I could’ve had so much more time enjoying this, instead of fooling
around with everything else. So, my advice is just to, if you’re having problems, get it done right the first time. You get what you pay for.


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Long years ago, I lost some teeth. The titanium things they put in, and then I have a partial that has that fit right down on that. It’s really good. I’ve had no problem with it. Because of the post, there’s no slipping.
Years ago, when I was little, older people would have some false teeth or plates, and you’d hear them click and so forth. Nothing like that. I have no trouble with any foods actually. Everything goes well. It’s such a great
place, and I’d recommend for anybody to come here.