You skipped a few dental exams, and now that little cavity has become a big problem. If you are suffering from a painful toothache, it will not get better without treatment. But what if your tooth needs the dreaded root canal treatment? Our dental practice has put the myth of the painful root canal to rest! We have done more than 3,000 pain-free root canals. Will yours be next? Call our office to schedule your appointment with our dentists and team now.

Our Secret to Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment

Antibiotics. It is that simple. Dr. Roeder will prescribe you antibiotics before your root canal procedure to help knock out the infection that is causing you pain. During your procedure, Dr. Gordon Roeder and Dr. Zachary Kulp use the right medications to keep you completely numb.

Dental Anxiety and Root Canals

If your dental anxiety has kept you away from the dentist, do not worry. We offer three different levels of dental sedation to help you get through your visit in complete comfort.

  • Inhaled sedation
  • Oral sedation
  • IV sedation

Dr. Roeder completed the anesthesiology training program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine to aid his patients in overcoming dental anxiety and finally getting proper dental treatment.

Avoid Root Canal Reinfection

To avoid reinfection, you want to see the right dentist for your root canal treatment. We use special technology that helps us locate and map the root of your tooth. Our Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care team has done more than 3,000 root canals, and we have a success rate of over 99%!

As you can imagine, the inside of your tooth is a very small place, and the inside of your tooth’s roots are even smaller. During a root canal, our dentists will clear out all the infected pulp in your tooth, fill it, and, later, fit it with a dental crown to protect it from further damage.

Without the proper expertise, some of the bacteria that caused the original infection can remain and reinfect your tooth. This can lead to a repeat root canal treatment, oral surgery or even the extraction of your tooth.

Root canal treatment is generally your last chance to save your tooth. Missing teeth can be costly to replace, damage your self-esteem and create difficulties chewing. For a successful root canal treatment in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, call Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care at 215-515-6555 or use our simple online form.