Statistics show us that, at one time or another, you will likely need to have some sort of restorative dentistry treatment in your lifetime. That is why it is good to come in on a regular basis and let us stay on top of what is going on in your mouth. You see, if we should ever come across any cavities or decay in your mouth while you are here at our dental office for a checkup, we can quickly employ a simple filling procedure to repair your teeth and prevent more costly procedures down the road.

Do not worry; we only recommend root canals and extractions when it is too late for our more conservative treatments. Discovering a cavity early enough to prevent further damage is the best thing you can do for maintaining a healthy, happy smile, beside preventing the cavity to begin with, of course. Keep reading to hear about our white fillings in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and then be sure to follow up with our team to schedule your next visit.

Fillings Are a Tried-and-True Treatment

For quite some time, dentists have used a mix of mercury and other metals, called amalgam, for fillings. If you ever had a filling prior to the last few years, odds are that is what you got.

These treatments have been effective, however, there are some common concerns with using metal. And for good reason.

Not only is amalgam blatantly visible in the mouth, but these outdated dental fillings can also actually make teeth more susceptible to fractures and can even cause damage to other teeth. No one wants to take those risks if they can take care of the problem another way!

For this reason, Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care only uses a safe alternative: composite fillings.

These fillings are made of a resin which blends in with your teeth for a smooth, structurally sound fix. That means we can now fill a cavity very discreetly, and the composite resin we use will also have superior bonding properties that allow for increased longevity.

How It Works

There is nothing to be afraid of — getting a tooth-colored filling from us is easy.

Here is how it works: the first step is numbing the area of the mouth near the problem tooth. This is easy and effective, but if you experience anxiety at the thought, we can find other alternatives to help you relax.

The next step is to remove dental decay by cleaning the cavity and placing the composite resin. This resin is malleable, like putty, which allows us to shape it to your tooth’s specifications.

Once done, our team will use a powerful light to harden the composite material and then polish the tooth’s surface so that it matches your natural tooth color. It is as simple as that! You will be able to take your nice, clean mouth and your refurbished smile with you when you leave.

Protect Your Smile!

Your dental health is far too important to trust to chance. If you have a dental cavity and would like a dental filling, contact Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care today at 215-515-6555 to make an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Gordon Roeder or Dr. Zachary Kulp.