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As word has spread about our dental care in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, at Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care, so has our service area. We see plenty of patients from Allentown, Bethlehem and even as far as Philadelphia. But we are never too busy to get a new patient in for an appointment.

See what our patients have to say about Dr. Gordon Roeder and Dr. Zachary Kulp, then come in and see our dentists and team yourself by giving us a call at 215-515-6555 or using our online form to schedule your first appointment.


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I have a fear of dentists, have had for years. I had really a lot of problems with my teeth, so I had a lot of experiences. I’m way older than I look, so back in the day, about 100 years ago, really dentists were brutal. I really disliked going to the dentist so much, but it is Dream Dentistry here. They really take care of you. You don’t have to worry about it. Whatever level of anxiety you have, they have some way of addressing it. First, he tells jokes, and then he can use nitrous oxide, which is a soporific. It just makes you relax and little bit quieted, but you’re still alert. You know what’s going on.

Secondly, even at that stage, he tells you exactly what he’s going to do so you’re not laying there wondering, “What’s happening? How long is this going to take?” He really keeps you informed. Third, if it’s more invasive surgery type of experience, they can put you to sleep in a safe way. They go over the top. They’ll give you a blanket, a pillow, whatever will make you feel more comfortable. Because sometimes you’re fearful, you do get cold, and sometimes I come in and the air conditioning’s on maybe. Even though it’s a hot day, I feel very, very cold, more so in the air conditioning. Then they will cover you up.

At the end of the process, they give you warm cloths to wipe your face because you get stuff on your face maybe. You just feel comforted. They take care of you, and they give you a milkshake at the end because it’s going to be hard to eat if you have had something done on your mouth. I’m not afraid to make the appointment, let’s put it that way, and then I get here, and I don’t feel any pain. There’s never any discomfort at all. That’s the best part about it.


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The first thing we probably did was take care of a wisdom tooth that was broken, and that went great. I’d had terrible experiences in the past with having extractions. We replaced all of my old silver fillings. I’ve had root canals, I’ve had crowns done, I’ve had the veneers done, and most recently, he did an implant for me.

I could not imagine walking around, at this point in my life, with a gaping hole in this. You probably wouldn’t have even been able to see it, but I would know it was there. At first, you get the implant, and it does feel a little like there’s something different in my mouth. But within a matter of days, maybe two weeks, it felt like it had always been there.

I could chew on my left side, which was really nice. When I laugh, I do tend to have a wide open mouth laugh, and throw the head back, you’re not going to see a hole in the side of my mouth. I’m comfortable with that.

I would say, if you want a nice smile, if you want a healthy mouth, come to Dream Dentistry because you’re going to get exactly that. Don’t let finances play a part in your decision. The office will work with you. There is the dental savings plan, which is a godsend.

People think dental work is so expensive, and it is, let’s face it. But if you think about, it is something that is hand-crafted, like a piece of fine jewelry, which is going to cost you a lot. They’re kind enough here that they’re going to work with you. I think it’s more important to them that you have a healthy mouth than for you to worry about the money. That can be worked out. That can be figured out.

When I’ve had some questions, some minor emergencies, I always get a call back. They are always able to work me in if I’ve had something that needs work, attention. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.



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I always had pretty bad teeth, and they were really bad by the time I came, but he fixed them all up for me and more than half of them were redone. Two root canals and 17 crowns.

It was pretty extensive. Some of them were, I guess, too far gone. They weren’t worth saving, so the implant was better method for those. Then first time you bite an apple, it’s a little scary, but then you realize that they’re not going anywhere. They’re probably stronger than your real teeth are. The crowns were all just cosmetic to make them perfect and straight. My wife likes it a lot better and I like it a lot better in family pictures.

My kids and my wife have perfect teeth and my kids have braces, so it was kind of hard with my teeth being not so perfect to smile in pictures with them with all perfect straight, white teeth. Mine were not so nice. It’s a lot better now.

They’re very accommodating to cowards, so if you’re afraid of it, they’ll make it as good as they can for you.


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I had a partial for my bottom teeth. I had four teeth on the one side, on the bottom, and one on the other side. The one that was by itself was starting to give me trouble, and it was a major anchor for my partial, so my dentist had recommended … My dentist checked it out and couldn’t find anything wrong with the X-ray. Everything was okay, so he recommended that I get implants and a full denture, because that one that was by itself was more filling than actual tooth. He was afraid it was going to break off. I’d have to do something eventually, sooner or later. Using a denture adhesive isn’t so good because it never lasts all day anyway, so like after one good meal, it starts to come loose, and you can feel it moving around, feel your dentures moving around.

It’s all one piece, and it just snaps in. It doesn’t shift at all. You don’t have to do anything the rest of the day. I can eat anything I want to eat. I eat those real sticky caramel creams all the time and have no problem with it. This is the only way to go.



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I wore dentures, top and at the bottom. They were floppy, and I had to use this dental adhesive to keep them in tight. Food particles would get underneath, and that was painful and it really hurt sometimes. So, Dr. Roeder told me about implants. He said I could be a candidate for them, and I thought, “That sounds too good to be true.”

I thought, “Okay, I’ll think about it,” and then I decided, “Okay, I’ll go for it.”

There was no discomfort before or even during or after the procedure. Now, I don’t have any floppy dentures. No gooey adhesive or food particles under the plate. I can eat food. I enjoy eating the food now, and it’s just like having my own teeth again.


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As a child, I had poor dental care, just due to minimal access to a dentist where we lived, and then just a couple really bad experiences. Coming here, there was a lot to do over my lifetime. Dr. Roeder has done multiple procedures, everything from root canals to bone graft to several crowns, including a partial that he created for me, and people are always very surprised when they find out that so much work went into this smile.

I would say I was always embarrassed to smile. You know, just things weren’t quite right with my smile. I always sort of envied people that had these big, bright smiles. I was always very self-conscious about that.

With all of the work I’ve had done, it’s actually changed my sort of quality of life quite a bit. I do speak to a lot of people on a daily basis, and I do seminars and lectures, that sort of thing.

That fear of being in front of a crowd has really gone away. It hasn’t limited me in terms of what types of things I sign onto, to do. It’s actually connected me with people who are drawn to the smile and ask, “How can I get that as well?” In my line of work, it’s a wonderful thing, just sort of enhanced what it is that I do for a living every day. I give all the credit to him and never thought that I could have a bright, white smile until I met him and this amazing practice.



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My husband was not born with great teeth and everything. He’s had a potpourri of dental experiences here. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I don’t know how many years ago. He went and had the sleep study. He had the CPAP. Did he use it? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Is it a pain? Absolutely. Is it a pain for the patient and also for the spouse? Absolutely.

Then Dr. Roeder had said that he was doing some studies and that he had developed a sleep appliance that, a dental appliance to help patients with sleep apnea. David had another test done, a sleep test done, and he had the appliance.

He wears it. It helps him. He gets a good night’s sleep. I get a good night’s sleep, and it’s wonderful. That has been a big help. Any adjustments, it can be done right here. When he comes in for his dental appointment, he brings his appliance in so Dr. Roeder can look at it, tweak anything if something is loose he can adjust that. It’s good, and my husband uses it, so that should be testimony to the quality and the success that he’s having with that product.


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I’ve had some extensive work done. I wore a bridge and had some replacement teeth before. Now, I have implants. It took a little bit of time to get through all of it, but it really has improved, first of all, how easy it is to take care of them. They look good. I don’t have to worry about them. When he was explaining to me yesterday that when he puts an implant in, the cap that goes in goes all the way to the bone. There’s very little likelihood of having cavities.

The cavity I had was from an old work that I had had done. He took care of that. I don’t really have to worry about that, getting cavities again, because they really do a lot of dental health. They make you more aware. They show you how to do it.

He did a whole workshop for people here and had a few of us come talk about what we had done and what difference it made. It made a world of difference, really. You just feel just so much more comfortable with good teeth. You can eat well. You can eat healthy foods, like vegetables and nuts and things that you might avoid if you had false teeth.

It just made it so much easier. You should go see my dentist, Dr. Roeder, at Dream Dentistry in Quakertown, because he’ll take care of it. Whatever problem you have, he can take care of it. He’ll work with you on financials if you really have a problem. He does a great job, too, at that. He does a community day, where he gives free dental care to people who don’t have any other resources. It’s really amazing to me that he does really give back. I tell them, “You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to be afraid. It won’t hurt. They’ll make sure nothing hurts, and you’ll get good care.”



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I came out of the dark ages of dentistry, so I’ve had dental problems all my life. They really didn’t care much about how the patient felt, especially as a kid. I’ve always had a problem with fear of going to the dentist. Dr. Roeder has been my dentist for just about 20 years now. He took care of my fears. He dealt with them from the beginning.

As he used to say, he catered to cowards, which I was one. He always took the edge off. First of all, he made you feel comfortable. It’s like talking to a buddy when I come here. For me, I always have the nitrous oxide done. It takes the edge off right away.

Doctor comes in, explains what he’s going to do. I have no problem. There are no surprises. He’s got a very, very good hand, and I would recommend him to anyone. He not only replaces what needs to be replaced, but he does it in such a manner that it fits right in with everything else around it. Perfectly camouflaged or however you care to say it, but nobody notices that I’ve had this work done. What they say is, “It’s a great smile.”


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I’ve been coming here for about 16 years I think, and I probably hadn’t been to the dentist for about four years. I was very much a child of the, a product of the ‘60s and ‘70s, where dentists just went in, they did what they had to do, they didn’t care if they caused you pain. In fact, I had one dentist who said you know raise your hand if I’m hurting you. I did, and he said well that doesn’t hurt, and he just kept going along. So, I had developed a bit of a fear of going to the doctor, or to the dentist. I did not look forward to the pain. I did not look forward to being lectured as if I was a 5-year-old.

I was driving through Quakertown one day, and I saw this Dream Dentistry. I thought, “Oh I’m going to look into that.”

I think one of the things that helped right out of the gate was their questionnaire. What is it that you don’t like about your teeth or your oral health, and what anxieties and fears do you have?

I thought, well, this is a doctor that really wants to know what’s going to work with me and what’s not going to work with me. Of course, Dr. Roeder is very personable. His staff is very personable. Love Amber, the hygienist. He just has a very calm manner about him. Devin is the same, very calm. They just have a way of putting you at ease. Obviously he has the sedation that he can offer. I’ve never taken him up on that, but it’s really nice to know that it’s there if I want it.



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I think the majority of my issues have always been my teeth. He’s done root canals for me. I clamp my teeth at night. This was definitely misdiagnosed by the previous dentist, because my gums were receding. This previous dentist actually told me that it was because I was brushing incorrectly. But when I came to Dr. Roeder, he said, “No. You’re clamping and it’s making your gums recede.” So, he had to put in some filling all around my gums to help to protect them and also give me an appliance for that. It absolutely helps. There’s no doubt about it. I understand that I have to discipline myself to use it every night.

He is state-of-the-art. He is constantly refreshing and going to school. He definitely brings his own employees. He sends them to school, as well. He is experienced.

How many years has he been doing this? He really is an experienced doctor. He’s not the cheapest guy on the block, but you’ll always know that you’re going to get a professional job when you leave.


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I was diagnosed 10 years ago with sleep apnea, and I was a CPAP user. It’s uncomfortable. I came, and Dr. Roeder and his team examined me, and they found out that, in fact, I was an ideal candidate for an alternate treatment, which is a custom fitted mouthpiece. We went through all the measuring and testing using computer imaging and measuring techniques. They measured my airway and how much my airway opened by projecting my lower jaw forward.

By moving my lower jaw slightly forward with this custom mouthpiece, it opened up my airway significantly and cured the problem. They made a custom fitted mouthpiece for me, and I’ve been using that for close to four years now, and I sleep like a baby.

This is much easier. I travel for business quite a bit so the mouthpiece goes with me in my normal kit with all my other toiletries and pop it in before I go to bed, and that’s that. I was so happy with that, that I decided to leave the dental practice that I was going to and had all my records transferred here, and I’ve been seeing Dr. Roeder ever since.



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I never took care of my teeth when I was young. I really didn’t. As you get older, you find out your teeth are really important, you know? I had a couple a bridges and all, but they wore out, and these implants are really, really something. I just can’t get over it, you know? I’m really, really happy with them. You know, I can chew a lot better. You tend to take that for granted when you’re younger, and you start to have problems with your teeth. You know, you just can’t enjoy your food and chew, but with the implants, just no problem.

For instance, an apple, you take it for granted, and I had. I just stopped eating them, you know? I just wouldn’t. You know, I’d slice it up.

But now, I just had my last implant put in July, I think it was. I grabbed an apple, bit into it, couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe. No problem. Nothing moves. Everything just the way it should be, so that says it all to me. I can eat anything. It’s almost like my original teeth. I can’t believe it. That’s what it’s like. The implants are that good. He is perfectionist, which when somebody’s working on your mouth, you know, it means a lot. He does work with you. Fortunate, I was able to take care of it, but he does work with … He has a plan. He has a special plan for folks that … Because they’re a little expensive, but worth it.


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As far I know, implants are really good for anchor teeth, and I had a painful time with my … I think it was my right upper sides. They were constantly infected, so I had to get them pulled. They were that bad. He recommended the implants, and I’m never sorry. I know it’s an expense, but you know what? It was well worth it. Most of my teeth have crowns on them. They’re efficient, painless. They’re precise. They tell you what you need to be done. They give you a price. They’re in and out and done. I like everything about them. I have no toothaches. They’re like your own teeth. They stay there. I won’t lose them. I don’t have to take them out. I can say nothing but good for them. Even my son, who never never says anything, he says, “Mom, your teeth really look great.”



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I decided just to go with a plate because Dr. Roeder said that if I would change my mind, want to go with implants, that I could still use that same plate. It wouldn’t be money wasted, and we go into the implants.

I decided just with that plate, but I didn’t have that too long till I didn’t like it. Number one, it’s only held in there by suction. You could be talking, and your plate could actually drop, or you didn’t feel comfortable with it; it wasn’t tight. Then you go with a different … Things you buy in a drugstore like the Poligrip and whatever. Messy. It’s not a 100% even using that. I was going through that, and I finally decided I was going to go with the implants.

I’m getting the best here. There’s no other place, and you will get that feeling when you come here, and you’ll see that too, that Dr. Roeder’s up on everything that there is in the dental industry.


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I had advanced periodontal disease, which I got from my mother, and all my teeth were loose, and we had them extracted and got implants put in. I got four in the bottom. I got four in the top. The dentures go right over top of them; they connect. I call them “snap-ons.” You just snap them on, and they just stay there. They’re permanent. Well, I can take them out and brush them and stuff for cleaning and things, but I can eat anything. It’s a wonderful thing. So, I have eight of them, eight implants. I don’t got to glue my teeth anymore. I used to … I should have invested in Poligrip because I used so darn much of it. Going out for lunch could have been an issue if I didn’t have any extra glue with me. I had to be careful what I ate, be careful what I ordered because things just … they didn’t fit right, and they were just a mess.

You try to eat something, or a steak, even something a little bit crispy or hard, and it some kind … You know it could get underneath and just be awkward.

So, I don’t have to worry about things like that anymore. Everything’s good as far as eating, even speaking. I smile a lot more because I know my teeth look good, so I’m not conscious about them. I’m not thinking about it anymore. Don’t fool around with it. Get it done once, and get it done right. My only regret is I didn’t do this years ago. That’s what I should have done. I could’ve had so much more time enjoying this, instead of fooling around with everything else. So, my advice is just to, if you’re having problems, get it done right the first time. You get what you pay for.



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Dr. Roeder showed me that my gum was too low and that the roots were going to start to show. He took a picture of it. You know how sometimes you get skeptical when somebody tells you something, but he took a picture of it, and he showed me. It was obvious that it needed to be done. Since I want my teeth for the rest of my life, I elected to go through it. He Novocained me, and there was nothing. I didn’t have any pain at all. He calls you at night to make sure that you’re okay.

Of course, when you leave the office, he will also give you a nice thing of ice cream if you want it. That always helps.

After I had my gum surgery, what I lived on was the Icees and yogurt because I was afraid to eat anything for fear of it was going to get under my gums. I did that for about a week or two, and then I gradually started adding different things into my diet. He was really surprised when I came back the next day and I had no pain and very minor bruising. It’s been a great experience coming here.


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I guess, from my childhood, it just left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak, for the dentist. I went there for a while, and then somewhere in my late 40s, I guess, early 50s, I just stopped going. I didn’t go for close to 20 years. When I did come here, my mouth was not … It was a hot mess, I’ll tell you, but he worked on it. He fixed it. I’ve had implants. I’m going to have some more implants now. Anything out of the ordinary, you get a phone call either from him or from someone else at the office the next day.

They’re always asking, “How are you doing? Do you need anything for pain? Do you need … ” I never do because I guess he’s so gentle. I usually do pretty good.

When I first started, I was taking the gas to relax me more, but I don’t need that now. Novocain’s fine. Yeah. Yeah, he’s really … I would never go anywhere else. I don’t know what I would do. Thank God he’s younger than me. It’s a very good place to come. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially if you have any fear.


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I’ve always struggled with the dentist. I’ve been at dentists all over the country. I don’t like dentists or doctors. And when I came here, you actually felt like part of the family. Everybody from when you walk in the door till when you leave makes you feel comfortable. And like I said, I was always nervous to go to the dentist, and the way he explains things … his approach to dentistry is much different than any other dentist. And that’s why, even when I’ve lived out of Pennsylvania, I’ve came back to him. Once I came to Dr. Roeder, I’ve never left. So, if I was living in Ohio and I need dental work done, I come to Pennsylvania.

I had all my teeth replaced on the top. So, I used to come in and get root canals, and then finally, I made the decision to get a full upper mouth replacement.

I didn’t feel a thing. And what was weirder about it was, even when I went home, like you’d think that if somebody pulls all your teeth, you’re going to be sore. Nothing.

I should have done it 30 years ago. I mean, if you struggle with the dentist, if you have good teeth, you don’t understand it. But if you have work that needs to be done and you’re always fretting about the dentist or nervous, it runs your life.

He has definitely changed my outlook on it. And it doesn’t matter what level of income. You can be rich, you can be poor. If you have teeth problems, you have the same anxiety as everybody else. And he completely took that away.

Out of all the dentists I’ve seen, I’ll never change.


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Long years ago, I lost some teeth. The titanium things they put in, and then I have a partial that has that fit right down on that. It’s really good. I’ve had no problem with it. Because of the post, there’s no slipping. Years ago, when I was little, older people would have some false teeth or plates, and you’d hear them click and so forth. Nothing like that. I have no trouble with any foods actually. Everything goes well. It’s such a great place, and I’d recommend for anybody to come here.


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The pinhole is important because I had exposed roots. I don’t like to pick on older people, but if you’ve seen older people, their teeth look like … I mean you can see the whole tooth, because their gums are exposed. They wind up getting them pulled and wearing false teeth.

I didn’t want to wear false teeth. I don’t want to wear false teeth if I can keep my teeth forever. This is one solution to that. My roots are covered and my teeth look very healthy now, I feel. I feel I have a younger looking smile than what I once had. So, I think it’s very important that I don’t have to go to the pulling of the teeth and wearing false teeth someday. Because, you know, it’s hard to adjust to false teeth. I’d rather have my own teeth, eat foods without worrying about getting food caught into the plate. Your oral hygiene is your health.

I just know he knows that I want a nice smile. I’m into perfection, so I’m here to stay because I know he’s going to do a good job for me.


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I had receding gums, and then I had a lot of problems with my teeth wearing away. So, he actually wound up giving me a lot of crowns. I have almost all crowns in my mouth now except for the very back. So, I had very severe tooth sensitivity, and since he’s done that, the sensitivity has been very good and the wear and tear on my teeth has been extremely good. It was more cosmetic, but I needed it for the pain, so when I say cosmetic, I mean I had to pay out of pocket for it, so it was a big expense for me, but it was definitely worth it. I’m glad that I did it.

I was just not confident, and I’m somebody who always smiles. I talk a lot, and I’m just very outgoing, so it was something that I wasn’t comfortable with because, you know, I would like to smile all the time and I was just covering myself up.

Ever since I’ve had the work done, no one expects that these aren’t my real teeth. They feel like my real teeth. I never had a problem with speaking with them. They never felt uncomfortable. They’re in there securely. And I have gotten just wonderful compliments on my teeth, and no one suspects, or they haven’t said anything to me that they don’t seem real. The coloring, when they did the coloring, they matched them up to a natural color as opposed to a bright white that would seem like it was not natural.

I never have any doubt when I come here that I’m getting top quality dental care and that they truly care about their patients. So, I could never imagine going to a better dental practice, so I highly recommend them, and I would never think of changing.


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We were getting ready to leave for a trip to Alaska, and my husband’s crown broke, and we couldn’t get to our regular dentist. We came here, fixed him all up because we were going to be away for about 10 days, and I wanted my husband to be able to smile and have confidence with his smile. And he did. I’ve had some things where I’ve had an emergency also. I’ve had a veneer fall off, and I’m very happy with the service here. I also like … The last couple years, since I stopped working, I don’t have the benefit of that dental insurance, but he has a nice dental plan here that both my husband and I are on, and it really saves us some money, so we’re very happy with that also.