It is time to discuss nonsurgical gum disease treatment. At Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care, we talk a lot about teeth, but your gums are just as important to your dental health. Your gums help support your teeth and protect them from harmful bacteria in your mouth. Healthy gums make for a happy smile.

So, how are your gums? If your gums are …

  • Bleeding
  • Sore
  • Swollen
  • Causing bad breath

… you might have some concerns about your gum health. Forty percent of people who have gum disease are completely unaware they have it. You can call 215-515-6555 to schedule a comprehensive dental exam with Dr. Gordon Roeder or Dr. Zachary Kulp for a gum health checkup.

Diagnosing and Treating Your Gum Disease

During your dental exam, we will check to see if there are any gaps between your teeth and your gums. These are called periodontal pockets. Bacteria can fester in these pockets. If you have pockets, we will measure them to see how severe your gum disease is and discuss a treatment plan.

A great gum disease preventive measure is daily flossing. If that fails, we will move on to nonsurgical gum disease treatment: scaling and root planing. This treatment involves smoothing out the roots of your teeth, so bacteria have nothing to cling to, as well as cleaning out all the bacteria in your dental pockets to encourage your gums and your teeth to close up the space between them.

If your gum disease is severe or the roots of your teeth are exposed, our dentists and team can treat you for gum recession. Our dental office was hand-selected to offer the new pain-free method of gum recession treatment called the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

Be proactive about the health of your gums. Call us today to schedule an appointment for nonsurgical gum disease treatment in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. If you do not care for your gums, you could lose your teeth. And your smile is nothing without teeth.