Ursula W.



As a child, I had poor dental care, just due to minimal access to a dentist where we lived, and then just a couple really bad experiences. Coming here, there was a lot to do over my lifetime. Dr. Roeder has done multiple procedures, everything from root canals to bone graft to several crowns, including a partial that he created for me, and people are always very surprised when they find out that so much work went into this smile.

I would say I was always embarrassed to smile. You know, just things weren’t quite right with my smile. I always sort of envied people that had these big, bright smiles. I was always very self-conscious about that.

With all of the work I’ve had done, it’s actually changed my sort of quality of life quite a bit. I do speak to a lot of people on a daily basis, and I do seminars and lectures, that sort of thing.

That fear of being in front of a crowd has really gone away. It hasn’t limited me in terms of what types of things I sign onto, to do. It’s actually connected me with people who are drawn to the smile and ask, “How can I get that as well?” In my line of work, it’s a wonderful thing, just sort of enhanced what it is that I do for a living every day. I give all the credit to him and never thought that I could have a bright, white smile until I met him and this amazing practice.

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