Rick L.



I never took care of my teeth when I was young. I really didn’t. As you get older, you find out your teeth really important, you know? I had a couple a bridges and all, but they wore out, and these implants are really, really something. I just can’t get over it, you know? I’m really, really happy with them. You know, I can chew a lot better. You tend to take that for granted when you’re younger, and you start to have problems with your teeth. You know, you just can’t enjoy your food and chew, but with the implants, just no problem.

For instance, an apple, you take it for granted, and I had. I just stopped eating them, you know? I just wouldn’t. You know, I’d slice it up.

But now, I just had my last implant put in July, I think it was. I grabbed an apple, bit into it, couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe. No problem. Nothing moves. Everything just the way it should be, so that says it all to me. I can eat anything. It’s almost like my original teeth. I can’t believe it. That’s what it’s like. The implants are that good. He is perfectionist, which when somebody’s working on your mouth, you know, it means a lot. He does work with you. Fortunate, I was able to take care of it, but he does work with … He has a plan. He has a special plan for folks that … Because they’re a little expensive, but worth it.

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