Randy G.



I was diagnosed 10 years ago with sleep apnea and I was a CPAP user. It’s uncomfortable. I came and Dr. Roeder and his team examined me and they found out that, in fact, I was an ideal candidate for an alternate treatment which is a custom fitted mouthpiece. We went through all the measuring and testing using computer imaging and measuring techniques. They measured my airway and how much my airway opened by projecting my lower jaw forward.

By moving my lower jaw slightly forward with this custom mouthpiece, it opened up my airway significantly and cured the problem. They made a custom fitted mouthpiece for me and I’ve been using that for close to four years now and I sleep like a baby.

This is much easier. I travel for business quite a bit so the mouthpiece goes with me in my normal kit with all my other toiletries and pop it in before I go to bed and that’s that. I was so happy with that, that I decided to leave the dental practice that I was going to and had all my records transferred here and I’ve been seeing Dr. Roeder ever since.

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