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I’ve always struggled with the dentist. I’ve been at dentists all over the country. I don’t like dentists or doctors. And when I came here, you actually felt like part of the family. Everybody from when you walk in the door til when you leave makes you feel comfortable. And like I said, I was always nervous to go to the dentist and the way he explains things, his approach to dentistry is much different than any other dentist. And that’s why, even when I’ve lived out of Pennsylvania, I’ve came back to him. Once I came to Dr. Roeder, I’ve never left. So, if I was living in Ohio and I need dental work done, I come to Pennsylvania.

I had all my teeth replaced on the top. So, I used to come in and get root canals and then finally I made the decision to get a full upper mouth replacement.

I didn’t feel a thing. And what was weirder about it was, even when I went home, like you’d think that if somebody pulls all your teeth, you’re going to be sore. Nothing.

I should have done it 30 years ago. I mean, if you struggle with the dentist, if you have good teeth, you don’t understand it. But if you have work that needs to be done and you’re always fretting about the dentist or nervous, it runs your life.

He has definitely changed my outlook on it. And it doesn’t matter what level of income. You can be rich, you can be poor. If you have teeth problems, you have the same anxiety as everybody else. And he completely took that away.

Out of all the dentists I’ve seen, I’ll never change.

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