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My husband was not born with great teeth and everything. He’s had a potpourri of dental experiences here. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I don’t know how many years ago. He went and had the sleep study. He had the C-Pap. Did he use it? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Is it a pain? Absolutely. Is it a pain for the patient and also for the spouse? Absolutely.

Then Dr. [inaudible 00:00:27] had said that he was doing some studies and that he had developed a sleep appliance that, a dental appliance to help patients with sleep apnea. David had another test done, a sleep test done, and he had the appliance.

He wears it. It helps him. He gets a good nights sleep. I get a good nights sleep, and it’s wonderful. That has been a big help. Any adjustments, it can be done right here. When he comes in for his dental appointment, he brings his appliance in so Dr. [inaudible 00:01:01] can look at it, tweak anything if something is loose he can adjust that. It’s good, and my husband uses it so that should be testimony to the quality and the success that he’s having with that product.

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