Pam H.



Dr. Roeder showed me that my gum was too low and that the roots were going to start to show. He took a picture of it. You know how sometimes you get skeptical when somebody tells you something, but he took a picture of it, and he showed me. It was obvious that it needed to be done. Since I want my teeth for the rest of my life, I elected to go through it. He Novocained me, and there was nothing. I didn’t have any pain at all. He calls you at night to make sure that you’re okay.

Of course, when you leave the office, he will also give you a nice thing of ice cream if you want it. That always helps.

After I had my gum surgery, what I lived on was the Icees and yogurt, because I was afraid to eat anything for fear of it was going to get under my gums. I did that for about a week or two, and then I gradually started adding different things into my diet. He was really surprised when I came back the next day and I had no pain and very minor bruising. It’s been a great experience coming here.

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