Loretta T.



I think the majority of my issues have always been my teeth. He’s done root canals for me. I clamp my teeth at night. This was definitely misdiagnosed by the previous dentist, because my gums were receding. This previous dentist actually told me that it was because I was brushing incorrectly. But, when I came to Dr. Roeder, he said, “No. You’re clamping and it’s making your gums recede. So, he had to put in some filling all around my gums to help to protect them, and also give me an appliance for that. It absolutely helps. There’s no doubt about it. I understand that I have to discipline myself to use it every night.

He is state-of-the-art. He is constantly refreshing, and going to school. He definitely brings his own employees. He sends them to school, as well. He is experienced.

How many years has he been doing this? He really is an experienced doctor. He’s not the cheapest guy on the block, but you’ll always know that you’re going to get a professional job when you leave.

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