Laurie F.



The first thing we probably did was take care of a wisdom tooth that was broken, and that went great. I’d had terrible experiences in the past with having extractions. We replaced all of my old silver fillings. I’ve had root canals, I’ve had crowns done, I’ve had the veneers done, and most recently, he did an implant for me.

I could not imagine walking around, at this point in my life, with a gaping hole in this. You probably wouldn’t have even been able to see it, but I would know it was there. At first, you get the implant, and it does feel a little like there’s something different in my mouth. But within a matter of days, maybe two weeks, it felt like it had always been there.

I could chew on my left side, which was really nice. When I laugh, I do tend to have a wide open mouth laugh, and throw the head back, you’re not going to see a hole in the side of my mouth. I’m comfortable with that.

I would say, if you want a nice smile, if you want a healthy mouth, come to Dream Dentistry, because you’re going to get exactly that. Don’t let finances play a part in your decision. The office will work with you. There is the dental savings plan, which is a godsend.

People think dental work is so expensive, and it is, let’s face it. But if you think about, it is something that is hand-crafted, like a piece of fine jewelry, which is going to cost you a lot. They’re kind enough here that they’re going to work with you. I think it’s more important to them that you have a healthy mouth than for you to worry about the money. That can be worked out. That can be figured out.

When I’ve had some questions, some minor emergencies, I always get a call back. They are always able to work me in if I’ve had something that needs work, attention. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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