Kris S.



I always had pretty bad teeth and they were really bad by the time I came, but he fixed them all up for me and more than half of them were redone. Two root canals and 17 crowns.

It was pretty extensive. Some of them were, I guess, too far gone. They weren’t worth saving, so the implant was better method for those. Then first time you bite an apple, it’s a little scary, but then you realize that they’re not going anywhere. They’re probably stronger than your real teeth are. The crowns were all just cosmetic to make them perfect and straight. My wife likes it a lot better and I like it a lot better in family pictures.

My kids and my wife have perfect teeth and my kids have braces, so it was kind of hard with my teeth being not so perfect to smile in pictures with them with all perfect straight, white teeth. Mine were not so nice. It’s a lot better now.

They’re very accommodating to cowards, so if you’re afraid of it, they’ll make it as good as they can for you.

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