John Q.



I came out of the dark ages of dentistry so I’ve had dental problems all my life. They really didn’t care much about how the patient felt, especially as a kid. I’ve always had a problem with fear of going to the dentist. Dr. Roeder has been my dentist for just about 20 years now. He took care of my fears. He dealt with them from the beginning.

As he used to say, he catered to cowards, which I was one. He always took the edge off. First of all, he made you feel comfortable. It’s like talking to a buddy when I come here. For me, I always have the nitrous oxide done. It takes the edge off right away.

Doctor comes in, explains what he’s going to do. I have no problem. There are no surprises. He’s got a very, very good hand and I would recommend him to anyone. He not only replaces what needs to be replaced, but he does it in such a manner that it fits right in with everything else around it. Perfectly camouflaged or however you care to say it, but nobody notices that I’ve had this work done. What they say is, “It’s a great smile.”

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