Gemma F.



I had receding gums and then I had a lot of problems with my teeth wearing away. So he actually wound up giving me a lot of crowns. I have almost all crowns in my mouth now except for the very back. So I had very severe tooth sensitivity and since he’s done that, the sensitivity has been very good and the wear and tear on my teeth has been extremely good. It was more cosmetic, but I needed it for the pain, so when I say cosmetic, I mean I had to pay out of pocket for it, so it was a big expense for me, but it was definitely worth it. I’m glad that I did it.

I was just not confident and I’m somebody who always smiles. I talk a lot and I’m just very outgoing, so it was something that I wasn’t comfortable with because, you know, I would like to smile all the time and I was just covering myself up.

Ever since I’ve had the work done, no one expects that these aren’t my real teeth. They feel like my real teeth. I never had a problem with speaking with them. They never felt uncomfortable. They’re in there securely. And I have gotten just wonderful complements on my teeth and no one suspects, or they haven’t said anything to me that they don’t seem real. The coloring when they did the coloring, they matched them up to a natural color as opposed to a bright white that would seem like it was not natural.

I never have any doubt when I come here that I’m getting top quality dental care and that they truly care about their patients. So I could never imagine going to a better dental practice, so I highly recommend them and I would never think of changing.

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