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I’ve had some extensive work done. I wore a bridge and had some replacement teeth before. Now I have implants. It took a little bit of time to get through all of it, but it really has improved, first of all, how easy it is to take care of them. They look good. I don’t have to worry about them. When he was explaining to me yesterday that when he puts an implant in, the cap that goes in goes all the way to the bone. There’s very little likelihood of having cavities.

The cavity I had was from an old work that I had had done. He took care of that. I don’t really have to worry about that, getting cavities again, because they really do a lot of dental health. They make you more aware. They show you how to do it.

He did a whole workshop for people here and had a few of us come talk about what we had done and what difference it made. It made a world of difference, really. You just feel just so much more comfortable with good teeth. You can eat well. You can eat healthy foods, like vegetables and nuts and things that you might avoid if you had false teeth.

It just made it so much easier. You should go see my dentist, Dr. Roeder, at Dream Dentistry in Quakertown, because he’ll take care of it. Whatever problem you have, he can take care of it. He’ll work with you on financials if you really have a problem. He does a great job, too, at that. He does a community day, where he gives free dental care to people who don’t have any other resources. It’s really amazing to me that he does really give back. I tell them, “You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to be afraid. It won’t hurt. They’ll make sure nothing hurts, and you’ll get good care.”

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