Earl Y.



I decided just to go with a plate because Dr. Roeder said, that if I would change my mind, want to go with implants, that I could still use that same plate. It wouldn’t be money wasted, and we go into the implants.

I decided just with that plate, but I didn’t have that too long till I didn’t like it. Number one, it’s only held in there by suction. You could be talking, and your plate could actually drop, or you didn’t feel comfortable with it; it wasn’t tight. Then you go with a different … Things you buy in a drugstore like the Poligrip and whatever. Messy. It’s not a 100% even using that. I was going through that, and I finally decided I was going to go with the implants.

The implants; they work great. The plate is in there. It snaps in there. It’s tight. You can eat any of the foods that you want. I highly recommend going with the implants. Yes, they’re more money but in the long run it’s the only way to go.

I’m getting the best here. There’s no other place [sorta 00:01:22], and you will get that feeling when you come here, and you’ll see that too; that Dr. Roeder’s up on everything that there is in the dental industry.

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