Bonnie K.



The pinhole is important because I had exposed roots. I don’t like to pick on older people, but if you’ve seen older people, their teeth look like … I mean you can see the whole tooth, because their gums are exposed. They wind up getting them pulled and wearing false teeth.

I didn’t want to wear false teeth. I don’t want to wear false teeth, if I can keep my teeth forever. This is one solution to that. My roots are covered and my teeth look very healthy now, I feel. I feel I have a younger looking smile than what I once had. So I think it’s very important that I don’t have to go to the pulling of the teeth and wearing false teeth someday. Because, you know, it’s hard to adjust to false teeth. I’d rather have my own teeth, eat foods without worrying about getting food caught into the plate. Your oral hygiene is your health.

I just know he knows that I want a nice smile. I’m into perfection, so I’m here to stay because I know he’s going to do a good job for me.

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