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  • Over 4,000 Hours of Advanced Dentistry Training
  • Creator of Comfort Lock Implant Bridge
  • Predictable and Reliable Replacement of any Tooth
  • IV Sedation Available
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Dr. Roeder is a full-service dental implant dentist. He can place your dental implants and restore them with replacement teeth.

He’s such an expert in all things dental implants that he worked with Glidewell Laboratories to create an entirely new full-arch dental implant treatment, that is BETTER than All-on-4 in every way! Your implants and restoration are still placed on the same day, but this solution is much more affordable, durable, and reliable than other full-arch replacements.

When you come in for dental cleanings, we’ll be able to quickly remove your replacement teeth for a thorough cleaning and teach you how to do the same at home. Dr. Roeder is the only dentist offering this new procedure.

Why Dental Implants?

Of course, there are other options for tooth replacement, like dentures or a dental bridge, but for the replacement option that’s going to most closely imitate your natural teeth, you have to choose dental implants.

Dental implants are made out of bio-friendly titanium. After Dr. Roeder places your dental implant, your jawbone will hold onto it tightly just like it would the root of your tooth.

Complimentary Dental Implant Exam

At your free exam, we’ll take digital X-rays, look over your teeth, and discuss whether dental implants are the right choice for you.

You should try to come in for a dental implant immediately following the loss of or irreparable damage to your tooth. Tooth loss causes bone loss in your jaw, and significant bone loss can change the entire shape of your face and lead to saggy, wrinkly skin.

If you have suffered significant bone loss, not to worry – we can do a bone graft procedure to build your jawbone back up, or we can use mini dental implants that need less bone to fit snugly.

Monthly Dental Implant Seminar

Once a month, Dr. Roeder leads a dental implant seminar. He’ll answer all of your questions and calm all of your concerns. Sometimes, he even does a contest for free dental implants for attendees!

Call us at (215) 352-4195 or try our easy-to-use online form to schedule your free dental implant consultation or to reserve your spot at Dr. Roeder’s next dental implant seminar. You want your smile back. Trust us, we’ve heard plenty of patient horror stories about life without teeth.

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