What Are the Best Things to Do After a Tooth Extraction?

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It is possible that a patient scheduled for a tooth extraction has never experienced other types of dental surgery. That is why dental professionals are committed to making the experience feel as pleasant as possible. Aside from this, we at Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care will also be sharing some of the best practices to perform after a patient undergoes tooth removal.

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Tooth Extraction: Do’s

Avoid any sucking motions

As much as possible, patients are advised to stop smoking, and the use of drinking straws since the movement used for such items can cause the formation of a blood clot to dislodge. Remember that clotting is vital to ensure proper healing of the site. One more reason to stop smoking after the procedure is it can lead to the constriction of blood vessels; this makes healing hard.

Get some rest

After the scheduled appointment, make sure to arrange time off from work or school. Take note that getting enough rest is necessary for recovery and healing. It is also possible for the patient to still be under the effects of sedation or anesthetics, so they need to recover from it first.

Be careful with the foods consumed

Even after a blood clot forms, it is still essential for patients to watch the foods they eat since it is still possible for the clot to dislodge. Eating sticky, hard, or crunchy, makes this highly likely, so avoiding these substances is a must. Instead, switch to soft foods that do not require much effort when eating.

Take medications as advised

After the procedure, the dentist would recommend medicines to help patients manage pain and swelling. They should take the medicines based on the correct dosage and schedule given by the dentist for them to have a comfortable recovery period.

Utilize ice packs

Although swelling does not happen immediately, it can last for several days. The best time to apply the cold compress is on the day of extraction itself and not later than 24 hours since there will no longer be significant benefits.

Make an effort to avoid poking the extraction site

Although it is enticing to poke the extraction site with a finger or tongue, make sure not to since it can cause the formation to dislodge.

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