Have You Thought About Preventive Dentistry Today?

Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care suspects that some of our more gung-ho patients would come in monthly if we would let them, but twice-a-year preventive dentistry exams and teeth cleanings are all most people need. Well, that and a whole lot of work on your part at home in those months between visits. That’s why, for today’s post, we wanted to emphasize the importance of setting up excellent oral hygiene routines, and sticking with them day in and day out. Keep reading, and then be sure to get in touch with our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment with Dr. Roeder or Dr. Kulp.

In The Morning, When You Rise

Today is a new day, right? Why not start it off right by brushing your teeth for at least two minutes? Please don’t wait until after you’ve had your Yum Yum Bake Shop donuts. Seriously. If you’ve been brushing your teeth after breakfast you could actually be doing more harm than good. It sounds odd, but it is a fact. Here’s what happens: plaque acids from food actually soften the enamel, and something as gentle as brushing your teeth can scrape and damage it. If at all possible, you will want to wait at least 30 minutes between eating and brushing!

After breakfast, you probably will want to head off to work or school with a fresh-feeling mouth. So, what can be done? Rinsing is a great thing, especially if it is with a fluoride-fortified mouthwash.

Throughout the day, you will want to drink plenty of water, and be mindful of what you put into your mouth. These things all add up.

Forming Good Evening Habits

Your hectic schedule at work, school, home, play and so forth will often leave you feeling wiped out. And may like nothing more than an opportunity to relax in the evenings. There is no problem with that whatsoever. But after your evening meal, as you begin to wind down (closer to bedtime), brush your teeth one last time.

Then, get out the dental floss and use it. Flossing is so very important to your oral health because it reaches places your toothbrush won’t ever be able to touch. The spaces between your teeth are some of the most sensitive spots in your mouth, and if you don’t keep them clean, periodontal disease and decay are going to pop up in those places you can’t detect. That can be a painful and costly mess to clean up!

Arrange For Your Six Month Preventive Dentistry Exams

What you do at home over the bathroom sink matters. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are essential for preserving the health of your smile. But these things must be done in conjunction with professional dental exams. Finding a dentist you can trust to keep up with your ever-changing needs will be the key to keeping your smile in great condition the rest of your life.

That’s why we look forward to seeing you at Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care every six months for a thorough preventive dentistry checkup. These visits will allow us to look after your teeth and gums and help you remain healthy along the way. Each time you are here, we can give you a professional-grade teeth cleaning, screen you for oral health problems, offer suggestions for further prevention, and we can even talk about your other concerns, like sleep apnea, for example. Our goal is provide your family with quality general dentistry, and to be your go-to resource for specialty services, too, like cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and full-mouth reconstruction.

Learn More, Get Started!

There couldn’t be a better time to take control of your oral health. Whether you need an appointment or just have questions about preventive dentistry in Quakertown, PA, all you have to do is contact us online today! One way or another, Dr. Roeder and Dr. Kulp will get you smiling!