Reshape Your Gums, Rethink Your Smile

In a world obsessed with the appearance of teeth, it might seem weird for your primary smile insecurity to be your gums. But roughly 14 percent of women and 7 percent of men boast an excessively gummy smile, where the gum tissue simply overpowers the teeth.

At Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, we believe that you have a right to feel great about your smile. And luckily, we make it both easy and comfortable to remedy problems with your gums — whether it’s a gummy smile, an uneven gumline, or both!

We’ve seen first hand how big of a difference a slight adjustment to your gums can make in the appearance of your smile.

What’s more, you’ll feel great knowing that Dr. Roeder, who has been serving the Quakertown, PA area for nearly 30 years, uses sting-free local anesthesia and a gentle soft tissue laser during gum reshaping treatments to ensure your comfort and deliver extremely precise results.

Read on to learn more about how we can transform your smile with gum contouring treatments. Then, give us a call at (215) 804-4777 to schedule a consultation.


What Is Gum Reshaping?


Your gums are the foundation of your smile, and if something looks off about your gums, then it can affect the way you feel about your smile and your appearance in general. If you’re living with a gummy smile — generally defined as three or more millimeters of gum tissue exposed between your teeth and lip when you grin — gum reshaping can help you achieve a greater sense of balance in your smile.

And we do that with a gum reshaping procedure. Traditionally, removing excess gum tissue and reshaping the gumline meant undergoing a painful surgical, but that’s simply not the case anymore, thanks to technological advances.

When you come to Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care for a gum reshaping procedure, our talented dentists will first numb your mouth with a custom-made local anesthetic that is specially formulated not to sting. The goal is to keep you comfortable from the very beginning! We even have a “comfort menu” you can “order” from. Whether you need a blanket, a warm neck wrap, or a post-procedure milkshake we can make it happen.

Then, Dr. Roeder or Dr. Kulp will use a soft tissue laser to remove excess gum tissue and reshape the gumline. This eliminates the need for scalpels and reduces recovery time.

Gum reshaping is considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure, and as with all cosmetic procedures, the results depend almost entirely on the skill of the dentist. At Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re being taken care of by highly skilled dentists.

Dr. Roeder is so committed to providing high-quality care and results that last that he has completed more than 4,000 hours of advanced dentistry training. Both he and Dr. Kulp have also undergone extensive training in dental sedation so they can maximize patient comfort.


A Painless, Stress-Free Procedure


Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care is the place to go if you’re looking for pain-free dental care in a stress-free environment — especially if you typically experience a lot of anxiety surrounding dental procedures.

If you’re looking to experience your gum reshaping procedure without any stress or discomfort, we’re proud to offer three dental sedation options to keep you comfortable.

Those include:

  • Nitrous oxide. More commonly known as laughing gas, this mild form of sedation simply helps you feel calm throughout your treatment. Nitrous oxide is fast-acting and is easy to administer. You simply inhale the gas through a mask we place over your nose.
  • Oral sedation. For a deeper form of sedation, we can provide a pill that will help you relax. You may feel a little groggy or sleepy while under the effects of oral sedation.
  • IV sedation. This is the deepest form of sedation we offer. It ensures that you have a completely pain-free and stress-free experience. Though you’ll technically still be awake for your procedure, you’ll experience your dental work as if you were sort of on the edge of consciousness — similar to the feeling you might get if you were drifting to sleep or dreaming.

The effects of oral sedation and IV sedation can linger for several hours after your procedure, so you won’t be able to drive yourself home from our office if you opt for those forms of sedation. We request that you ask a trusted friend or family member to drive you, or we can provide you with a ride! Your safety is important to us.


Caring For Your Gums


After your gum reshaping procedure, you should rest for the remainder of the day. In the days that follow, you may experience some tenderness as your gums heal, but over-the-counter pain relievers should be enough to minimize discomfort. You should also stick to soft, cool foods until your gums heal.

When your gums have fully healed, it’s time to show off your new smile and continue showing your gums some love so you can maintain the results! Keep them free of gum disease with daily flossing and routine dental checkups. At Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, we’ll help you maintain your improved gumline for years to come.

Call us at (215) 804-4777 to schedule a consultation and find out if gum reshaping is right for you. You can also schedule an appointment online.