Preventive Dentistry Stops Cavities At The Start

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You have heard the adage “the best defense is a good offense,” right? It has been attributed to everyone from George Washington to world heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey.

Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care is the Quakertown, PA dental office that goes on the offense against tooth decay.

Sure, we are ready to tackle cavities with tooth-colored fillings and pain-free root canals. We even offer zirconia crowns, which are notoriously strong.

But we would much rather stop cavities before they ever form. That’s why we are passionate about preventive dentistry. As dads and dentists, we appreciate being able to save you time and money. Read on for ways we can do just that.

Prevent Cavities By Visiting The Dentist Twice A Year

It doesn’t take much for tooth decay to come running, but it also doesn’t take much to send it packing. Two visits a year are all you need to maintain a healthy smile. If we are working on a plan to get your chompers up to snuff, we might need to see you more often.

Exams are an essential part of prevention. They include an inspection of your gums and teeth. We may take digital X-rays to get a better look. This is where we’ll spot any early signs of trouble well before you would see or feel them.

These early signs allow us to diagnose issues before they become huge problems. Our DIAGNOdent cavity scanner will catch cavities that might otherwise stay hidden until they start hurting.

Attack Plaque With Routine Cleanings

We believe our job is not to judge you for your habits, but to help you have your best smile. We would love to give you tips on brushing and flossing if you need them, but the purpose of having your teeth cleaned is not so that we can audit your work. It’s to protect you from tooth decay:

  • The first step of your cleaning involves removing the film of bacteria clinging to your teeth. That’s actually what plaque is. If the plaque has hardened into tartar, we will remove that too. Plaque will always come back, but it has to work a lot harder to rot your teeth when we make it start over every six months!
  • Next is what most people associate with dental appointments: polish. Our hygienists will buff away any plaque or tartar hiding in your teeth after your cleaning, which will leave your teeth gleaming. You’ll love how fresh you feel, and bacteria will hate how inhospitable your mouth has become.

Fight Decay With Fluoride

One of the greatest accomplishments in dentistry was the discovery of fluoride. This mighty mineral is our greatest ally in the fight against tooth decay. In fact, fluoride is why we are able to focus so much on prevention over treatment!

  • Fluoride can actually repair early tooth decay by replacing minerals lost to acid.
  • Fluoride inhibits bacteria’s ability to produce acid, which prevents future demineralization.

We always offer our patients – young and old – a fluoride treatment at the end of every appointment. We would be crazy not to!

Another option for painted-on prevention is dental sealants. One application of this plastic coating to your molars will last up to ten years. Dental sealants form a barrier between the grooves in your teeth and the bacteria-filled plaque that likes to hang out in your mouth. We frequently apply sealants to kids’ teeth, but that’s only because we like to start prevention as early as possible. If you need dental sealants as an adult, just ask!

Protect Your Smile With Preventive Dentistry

Our dentists love their jobs. There’s nothing like giving someone a reason to smile. Whether that reason is an end to months (or years) of pain or a brand new grin they can’t stop showing off, we take pride in bringing joy to our patients.

But we really love helping folks prevent pain and shame from ever being part of their smile. Your role in this is to practice good oral hygiene:

  • Brush twice every day for two minutes. Cover the entire surface of each tooth using short strokes.
  • Floss correctly at least once every day.
  • Use an alcohol-free oral rinse daily.
  • Visit Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care every six months for exams and cleanings.

Our role is to catch, clean, polish, and prevent decay. Call us today at 215-804-4777 to schedule your family’s biannual appointments.