Mini Dental Implants, Dentures, & More

Living without a complete set of teeth can make it hard to enjoy the simple pleasures of day to day existence. For one thing, you will be too embarrassed to share a smile with anyone who crosses your path. Plus, you won’t be able to chew the amazing foods you might encounter at Spring festivals, fish frys, and so forth. The good news is that our own Dr. Roeder can set you up with an easy and effective solution for treating adult tooth loss: mini dental implants. At your free consultation/dental implant exam with Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, which will happen right here in our cozy Quakertown, PA, dentist’s office, we will be able to determine if mini dental implants are your best bet. Keep reading to hear all about the possibilities and then be sure to schedule your visit!

Mini Dental Implants Are A Big Deal In Quakertown, PA

We know all too well how difficult life can be in the wake of tooth loss. That’s why we are happy to report that mini dental implants work great for a lot of our patients, particularly people who have existing dentures that they’re having trouble wearing, or experiencing difficulty keeping them in place.

If you know exactly what we are talking about, then we should definitely collaborate on a plan of action that involves mini implants. These modern marvels can help stabilize your dentures so that you will have less sore spots, fewer humiliating episodes of your teeth slipping when you’re trying to talk with people, break bread, and the like.

So, how big are they? Mini dental implants are roughly half the size of a full-size implant. The cool thing is that they are even easier to get placed. We put them in right here in the office, and put a metal plate in their denture so they kind of snap in, sort of like the snaps on a windbreaker, and then the patients can take them in and out, just snap them in and snap them out.

As opposed to conventional dental implants, our mini dental implants for dentures can be placed for patients who have a thin jawbone since it will not require major oral surgery.

As such, mini dental implants provide us a way to stabilize your dentures and preserve your jawbone, giving you a younger look, while allowing you to eat all the foods you love.

Here’s The Scoop

To place mini dental implants, we create a tiny hole in the jawbone and then place the titanium rods. Once the implants properly integrate with your jawbone, we’ll place durable and stunning restorations.

Not only is the function of our mini dental implants strong and reliable, but the treatment is significantly easier than traditional dental implants (according to our mini dental implants feedback).

You Make The Call!

We hope that you have been inspired by today’s post to learn more about mini implants, modern dentures, and other restorative solutions. It is worth noting that Dr. Roeder actually holds a free monthly seminar on dental implants of all types. And some lucky attendees have even won a free dental implant service from Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care. For our Quakertown, PA seminar schedule, or to schedule your individual consultation, call us at 215-804-4777 ASAP.