What Makes ClearCorrect So Special?

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Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care is known as the go-to place in Pennsylvania for sedation dentistry services and complex treatments. But, our leader, Dr. Roeder is actually equipped to solve a wide range of dental problems here, including crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth. You might be surprised to learn that this age-old issue can now be fixed with an ultra-modern technique: ClearCorrect orthodontic aligners.

While traditional metal braces have their place, they are not the preferred choice for the majority of the adult patients at our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office. Keep reading to find out why that is and to hear all about what we can do to straighten out the mess in YOUR mouth.

It’s Easier Than Ever To Get A Better-Looking Smile

Around here, we have found ClearCorrect to be a much more appealing route than the rough road that old-school braces will take you down. One big reason our patients love ClearCorrect is that this innovative system relies on a series of clear plastic aligners to shift your teeth little by little into a better position. And, unlike classic metal braces that are replete with shiny brackets and wires, ClearCorrect aligners are designed to be subtle, which means that no one will notice them and you won’t have to field any comments or questions during your transformational journey.

Traditional braces are not only noticeable, they are always present. For 2-3 aggravating years, they have to remain in place if you expect them to work. But that won’t be the case with your ClearCorrect program. So long as you are wearing them diligently throughout every day, you can take them out when you feel that you really need to. This works well at dinner time, because it means that you can still eat all the foods you love, whenever you want to have them.

With older treatments, in-office orthodontic adjustments are just part of the deal. Unfortunately, such visits require a lot of time away from whatever else you have going on (work, school, etc.). But you won’t go missing in action with ClearCorrect because you make the progressive changes yourself just by switching out your aligners at home for the next set in the series. This has to happen every few weeks, and we’ll determine the schedule in advance.

When you are stuck with ordinary braces, weird cleaning tools have to be carried around to get all the trapped food particles out of your gear. But with ClearCorrect, you won’t have to do that since you nothing will get caught in your aligners, and you can remove them at any time to rinse them off. Running the aligners under lukewarm water and regular brushing and flossing, is all that you will need to do to keep your mouth clean and fresh.

The thing you will love the most about ClearCorrect is that your orthodontic transformation will be complete in only a matter of months, and it will leave you with the same great results as awkward metal braces.

Let’s Do This!

To get started, contact us online or give us a ring at 215-804-4777. Alternatively, you can always drop by our dental office at 1326 West Broad Street, Quakertown, PA 18951. We’re right on the corner of 14th and West Broad–the building with the white wraparound porch and spacious parking lot for patients.