What Makes ClearCorrect So Special?

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ClearCorrect attracts the sort of patient who is either well beyond their teenage years, or interested in saving time, and all for foregoing all of the usual hassles associated with conventional braces. Dr. Roeder is a big believer in this program, and we are confident that you will love what it can do for you. Read on to hear a few of the features that make ClearCorrect so special, and then be sure to get in touch with our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office to schedule your orthodontic consultation and get started!

This Is A Decidedly Subtle System

No one wants to stand out at the office or get put on the spot with awkward questions and comments. Fortunately, ClearCorrect allows you to get the treatment you need without drawing unwanted attention to your mouth. That’s because this method relies on clear plastic aligners to make your transformation happen. No one will know what you are doing (unless you want them to know).

These Are Removable “Braces”

It used to be that you could not get a break from your braces. But get this: ClearCorrect aligners are not installed permanently in your mouth for 2-3 irritating years. It’s perfectly fine to take them out for photos or while eating a meal. You will have to wear ClearCorrect aligners for most of the day in order to keep moving forward, but you do have some wiggle room.

You Can Still Live The Life You Love

For wearers of old-school braces, it is necessary to make some sacrifices. However, with ClearCorrect, you won’t have to buy special foods, tools, or waxes, or take time off of work just to keep up with the monthly in-office adjustments that metal braces would require.

On the flip side, you are responsible for switching your ClearCorrect aligners out on your own according to our pre-arranged schedule. You can eat whatever you want (whenever you want) and cleaning only requires a rinse under warm water. It goes without saying that you will need to keep brushing and flossing as usual. And you will need to keep up with your regular professional dental care.

The Process Is Comfortable

We want to deliver results, but your comfort along the way is very important to Dr. Roeder and Dr. Kulp. As such, our ClearCorrect aligners fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth. They won’t cause any bleeding, sores, or unpleasantness. How’s that for comfort?!

The Transformation Is Quick

ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment normally wraps up in only about 12 months, and the results will be just as amazing as the old-school braces that would take 2-3 years to finish.

Learn More, Get Started!

As you can see, we make it easy to go through orthodontic treatment. If you have been inspired by today’s post to take the next step towards a better-looking, healthier smile, we would encourage you to follow up with our team. You can contact us online now to schedule your consultation at Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care of Quakertown, Pennsylvania!