Make Fear Of The Dentist A Thing Of The Past

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Our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office has found that many folks with dental anxiety will fall into one of three groups, when it comes to fear of the dentist. Though these are not mutually exclusive, it is always helpful to figure out which one sounds the most like you, so that Dr. Roeder and Dr. Kulp can adjust your level of sedation to make sure you have a pleasant and pain-free experience any time you are here with us. Keep reading to hear more, and then schedule your next appointment at Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care!

Basic Fear Group

This patients in this particular group often experience a knee-jerk reaction to an unpleasant dental experience from the past. If you feel fear now when it comes to visiting the dentist or having a dentistry-related procedure it is more often than not due to a painful or unpleasant situation that already happened. It is a very common thing that we can help you move beyond. We’ll definitely create better memories for you to draw upon.

Anxiety Group

The anxiety group is much like the fear group with one distinction: it arises around the sense that something bad could happen in the future, not as the result of past experiences or real danger in the present moment. This is nothing that we can’t help you to work through. After all, we have a compassionate and knowledgeable team, and our facility was designed with your comfort in mind.

Phobia Group

If you fall into this group, you will feel a profound, albeit unreasonable, fear of the dentist. It usually results in complete avoidance of the oral healthcare you deserve. And that won’t be a very sustainable model.

Finding The Solution

As we mentioned earlier, the three groups, will require their own unique approach to sedation dentistry. Fortunately, Dr. Roeder is highly trained in administering various types of sedation dentistry. He also makes a mean milkshake which makes recovery time in our office a lot more fun. The sedation methods available here include:


Nitrous Oxide is a mild form of sedation that allows the patient to relax enough to take the edge off. It is delivered safely through a mask. This is a great option for patients who have a less severe fear of dentist and just need a little something to help them rest easy through their visit.

Oral Conscious Sedation  

With oral conscious sedation, patients take a pill an hour before the treatment. Similar to nitrous oxide, this method helps the patient relax but it is a stronger form of sedation that makes more sense for patients with stronger feelings of fear.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is a deeper method of sedation that we are qualified to offer. This is perfect for patients who have a debilitating fear of the dentist or for those with special needs.

We often employ IV sedation on patients in order to complete multiple procedures in a single visit. And, just so you know, our office is one of the few dental offices in the Quakertown area that provides such comprehensive sedation treatment.

We Can Put Your Fears To Rest!

We hope that you have been inspired by today’s post! Contact us online whenever you are ready to schedule your next appointment in our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office. There’s no time like the present!