How To Handle Your Emerging Wisdom Teeth

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You’d probably be amazed to learn just how many things can actually go awry in a person’s mouth at one time or another. That’s why it is always your best bet to partner with a local dentist that you can depend on to keep up with your ever-changing dental needs. This includes taking care of your wisdom teeth if they should ever begin to poke through. Truth be told, in most cases, when wisdom teeth do come in, they only cause trouble for you and, so they will need to be removed by an expert in the field.

Fortunately, our team has more than enough experience to know when an extraction makes sense. And once we knows what is going on, he can typically remove your wisdom teeth before they become a real problem for you and your continued health and happiness.

This isn’t the case at all area practices. You see, some dentists have to send their patients out to a specialist, but Dr. Roeder and Dr. Kulp at Dream-Dentistry have all the oral surgery training and know-how necessary to remove your wisdom teeth right here in our cozy space, so you don’t have to drive all over town or go to a strange office you’ve never even been to before.

Keep reading to learn more about what we can do about wisdom teeth, and then be sure to get in touch with our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office to schedule your consultation.

What’s The Story On Wisdom Teeth?

Basically, wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. Usually they first show up when you are a teenager. That said, many patients won’t have to deal with these troublesome teeth until they are in their college years or even later than that.

These teeth used to have a function that has long since ceased to matter for humans. Over the course of our evolutionary journey, our mouths have changed according to our needs.

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth do still try to come in, but many people simply don’t have enough room for them in their mouth any longer. As you can probably guess, multiple problems can result from these teeth pushing their way through.

Are Wisdom Teeth Always Extracted?

There are some cases in which they wisdom teeth are nondisruptive and can be left alone, but generally speaking, if you would like to avoid pain, tooth decay, oral infections, gum disease, and cysts, you will want to let us remove your wisdom teeth.

Does The Extraction Process Hurt?

In the modern era of dentistry, wisdom teeth removal is a common and easy procedure. When you do visit our office to have your wisdom teeth removed, you will get the benefit of an experienced staff that knows how to help you relax with sedation dentistry and so forth. During your procedure, we will administer a local anesthetic or provide enough sedation so that your experience will be pain-free and pleasant.

After your surgery, we will instruct on what to do as your mouth recovers. By following those directions, you will keep your mouth free from infections. It’s also essential that you take some time to rest following your procedure. Wisdom teeth removal is still a type of oral surgery, and you should be prepared to take some time to recover afterwards.

Make It Happen!

We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any more questions about the removal of your wisdom teeth, you can call our Quakertown, PA dental office at 215-795-4807, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you or get you scheduled for an appointment ASAP!