Get The Smile Of Your Dreams With A Cosmetic Dentistry Makeover

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Think about your smile wishlist. Do you wish you had a straighter smile, brilliantly white teeth, or could fix dental cracks and chips?

At Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care in Quakertown, PA, we love to help our patients be the best version of themselves. That’s why we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry to help address dental imperfections: so you can be more confident about your smile!

These services can be combined in a custom treatment plan — a personalized smile makeover — that will help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

If you’re ready to make great first impressions and feel a renewed sense of self-worth, give us a call at (215) 804-4777. In the meantime, check out some of the ways you can improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry.


Dental Veneers: Conceal What Bothers You About Your Smile


How do Hollywood’s hottest celebrities get such beautiful smiles? Many of them have chosen to get dental veneers!

Dental veneers are thin but durable pieces crafted from porcelain or other materials. They’re custom-made to look like your natural teeth but better! These dental veneers are then bonded to your teeth to conceal dental imperfections such as:

  • Discoloration. Bleaching treatments only remove stains on the outer layer of your teeth. If medication or trauma has discolored your teeth from the inside, sometimes covering the damage is your best bet for a whiter smile.
  • Minor chips and cracks. Since dental veneers are an extra layer of material that provides strength to the tooth, their benefits go beyond cosmetic!
  • Worn down teeth. Many people turn to dental veneers after years of bruxism, or teeth grinding, have worn down their teeth.
  • Irregularly shaped teeth. Dental veneers allow you to conceal misshapen teeth for a more consistent smile. Increasing uniformity among your teeth can also make them appear straighter!

At Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, we offer two types of dental veneers: the classic all-porcelain dental veneers and ultra-thin dental veneers. Dr. Roeder can help you decide which is best for you!


ClearCorrect: Get A Straighter Smile Discreetly


If you’ve always wanted straighter teeth but have been hesitant about committing to a mouthful of metal with traditional braces, you should consider ClearCorrect. This orthodontic treatment is excellent for adults on the go.

ClearCorrect consists of a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. You’ll wear an aligner for roughly 20 to 22 hours a day, removing it when you eat. Then, you’ll periodically swap it out for the next aligner in the series. It’s that simple. Plus, Dr. Roeder has so much faith in this treatment that it’s what he used to get a straighter smile at age 55!

Say Goodbye To Your Gummy Smile


When you smile, are you frustrated because you see more of your gums than your teeth? We can help you achieve a more balanced smile with a gum reshaping procedure!

Now, we know what you’re thinking: That sounds painful. But Dr. Roeder and Dr. Kulp approach this cosmetic treatment with care, using state-of-the-art technology and sting-free local anesthetic to ensure your comfort!

At Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, we skip the scalpels traditionally used for gum reshaping and instead use a soft-tissue laser for treatment that’s extremely gentle and precise. Not only will you experience less discomfort than with traditional methods, but you’ll experience a faster recovery time, too! Most patients find that their gums are fully healed within just a few days.

If you’re nervous about your gummy smile treatment, we also offer three forms of dental sedation to help you relax:

  • Nitrous oxide. Sometimes referred to as “laughing gas,” this form of sedation is breathed in through a small mask. It produces a feeling of calm or euphoria.
  • Oral sedation. This is a pill we prescribe for you and have you take at a certain time before your procedure. You’ll arrive at your appointment relaxed and ready for your dental work.
  • IV sedation. This is the deepest form of sedation we offer. It’s administered directly into the bloodstream. You’ll experience your dental work in a dream-like state.


Fix Minor Imperfections With Tooth Bonding


Sometimes, our patients come to us asking for dental veneers when the dental imperfection they want to conceal is small. Instead, we might steer them toward tooth bonding, which uses tooth-colored resin to conceal minor damage.

It’s a cost-effective way to fix dental imperfections such as:

  • Small chips or cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Short or misshapen teeth
  • Small spaces between teeth

At Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, we pride ourself on honest care! We’ll listen closely to your smile goals and if we think a simpler, more affordable procedure can help you achieve those goals, we won’t hesitate to recommend it. We want you to feel confident about your smile makeover every step of the way!

If you want a more beautiful smile and the confidence boost that comes with it, consider Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care for all your cosmetic dentistry needs. Give us a call at (215) 804-4777 to schedule an appointment. You can also use our convenient online form.