A Comprehensive Dentist’s Office You Can Trust

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Welcome back to the virtual home of our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office! At Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care, our kind, caring, and compassionate staff knows that trust is everything when it comes to your wallet and your wellness. That is why we do our best to earn your trust every time you walk through the doors of our Broad Street building. We are confident that, when it comes to preventive dentistry, Dr. Roeder and Dr. Kulp have just what it takes to keep your family smiling through every stage of life. So, keep reading to hear more about what we can do for you, and then plan to come see for yourself by scheduling your next appointment!

Trust Us, This Is A Big Deal

Selecting a dentist is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. You will need someone who is in-tune with your needs and quick to spot any emerging causes for concern. And regular preventive care will be needed to keep you on the good road. In addition to routine dental cleanings and dental exams, we offer to treat every patient’s smile with a long-acting fluoride varnish to battle the cavity-causing bacteria on their teeth. Plus, over the course of your dental exam, every single one of your teeth will be scanned with our DIAGNOdent cavity detection laser.

Why does it matter? Because gums that are not well cared for will fall victim to gum disease, and teeth will lose their brightness as cavities and decay take hold. Beyond that, the state of affairs in your mouth can be revealing enough to predict heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, and other major problems.

As such, you will want to locate a dental practice, like ours, that is well-known for excellence, staffed by competent professionals, and trusted by its patients.

Modern Dental Tools And Advanced Training Do Make A Difference

With us on your side, you will have access to a team of oral health professionals that are working hard to be the right fit for you at every stage of your life.

We have many years of collective experience to draw from. And we have seen how people can find plenty of reasons to avoid their dentist (and go without the necessary maintenance and care). This can be a painful, embarrassing, and costly mess to clean up. That’s why we want to make it easy on you to get the care you deserve along the way. Be sure to ask about dental sedation if you are the least bit nervous.

Just having a competent team like ours around will leave you feeling at ease with visiting us regularly and allowing us to help you stay on top of your health year after year. Think about it: a cleaning and exam twice each year is way better the a root canal or an extraction!

A Great Place For Comprehensive Dentistry Solutions

Convenience goes a long way in today’s busy world. Obviously, having one dentist for the kids’ routine appointments, another for your spouse’s restorations and implants, and yet another for your own cosmetic dentistry, is a bit muchmuch. Fortunately, we can do most everything in-house. From general dentistry to complex reconstructions, we have it all under one convenient roof.

Why not see for yourself?

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We hope that you will be inspired by today’s blog post to take the next step towards a better-looking, healthier smile! To find out more about the comprehensive dentistry services offered in our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office, call us at 215-804-4777!