Could ClearCorrect Aligners Straighten Your Smile?

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Your smile can look nicer. Your smile can be straighter.

Your smile can change with ClearCorrect aligners.

Many people believe that braces are their only option for orthodontic care. We are happy to say that you might be about to transform your smile without brackets or wires.

At Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care, our dentists in Quakertown, PA, have seen what ClearCorrect’s transparent aligners have done for so many patients. Is it time for you to see what a difference they could make for you?

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Who Should Consider ClearCorrect Aligners?

We can’t tell you that ClearCorrect will work for everyone. There are some orthodontic issues that only braces will fix.

With that caveat in mind, however, ClearCorrect aligners will work for a lot of people. If you have mild or moderate alignment issues, you should ask about ClearCorrect. If are an adult who has considered orthodontic care, then you owe it to yourself to find out if ClearCorrect could help you achieve your smile goals.

ClearCorrect aligners have changed smiles with:

▶ Spaces between teeth

▶ Overbites or underbites

▶ Crowded teeth

▶ Crooked teeth

▶ A combination of the issues mentioned above

If you aren’t happy with your smile, don’t let another day go by without finding out what ClearCorrect could do for you.


The Advantages Of ClearCorrect Aligners

We’ve met many adults who avoided orthodontic care because they were not willing to wear braces, potentially for a couple years, in order to straighten their smiles. As we will explain, some of the reasons they avoided braces are precisely the reasons ClearCorrect aligners could be the solution for your smile.


■ The Aligners Really Are Clear

In a way, the name ClearCorrect is a good summary of what they are and what they do. The aligners are clear, as in transparent, as in practically invisible. The aligners also will correct your smile.

ClearCorrect is a discreet way to change the position of the teeth. For many adult patients, this makes the aligners much more appealing than traditional braces.

Your aligners will be practically invisible when you have them on your teeth. This means you can wear them to social gatherings and professional appointments without drawing unwanted attention to your treatment.


■ The Aligners Are Removable

We want to be up front. You will need to wear the aligners around 22 hours per day throughout your treatment for the best results.

That also means you can take them out for up to two hours each day with little or no effect on your treatment. Obviously, this isn’t an option with braces.

So, what can you do with those two hours? You can use some of that time to eat. Without your aligners in, you are free to eat whatever you want to eat.

With braces, you have to be much more careful. Something hard or crunchy could cause a wire to break or push a bracket loose. Chewy foods can be equally bad by pulling on wires or getting stuck in your braces.

You should clean your teeth after each meal regardless of which orthodontic treatment you choose. With ClearCorrect, you will brush and floss just like you do now, then clean your aligner before putting it back in. With braces, you may have to get special tools just to keep your teeth clean. Plus, it may take more time to make sure no food is stuck between your braces and your teeth.


■ The Aligners Are Comfortable

If you wore braces when you were younger or you knew someone else who did, then you already know that they aren’t comfortable to wear. In addition to the constant pressure on your teeth, your brackets could scratch the soft tissue on the inside of your mouth.

And there’s the potential for a wire to break and poke into your lips, cheeks, or gums.

You won’t have those worries with ClearCorrect. You may feel some gentle pressure for the first day or so after you change aligners. Each aligner is made of a piece of smooth plastic. That means they won’t scratch, and you won’t have to worry about small pieces breaking and causing more problems.


Ask Us About ClearCorrect Aligners

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