A Better Way To Do Dental Bridges

Dental implants revolutionized the way people replaced missing teeth, but did you know that it has been more than 50 years since they were introduced? Dr. Roeder was looking for a way to improve patient comfort when it came to replacing teeth. So, he partnered with a California-based laboratory to create the next advancement in restorative dentistry: The Comfort Lock Implant Bridge™. The result is a better way to do dental bridges and even dentures!

Dr. Roeder set out to eliminate screws from dental implants, and that’s what he did! With this new technology, patients can remove the prosthetic themselves, but it’s more secure than traditional bridges and dentures. This means it’s a comfortable and reliable way to replace missing teeth!

Read on for more information about Dr. Roeder’s innovative solution and his dedication to patient comfort. Then, if you’re looking to replace missing teeth in the Quakertown, PA area, call Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care at (215) 804-4777 and schedule a free consultation.

The Comfort Lock Implant Bridge Vs. All-On-4®

In the decades since dental implants were introduced, there have been a couple evolutions to how dentists can replace full sets of missing teeth. Initially, replacing an entire upper or lower set of teeth would have involved placing and restoring many dental implants. This of course required a lot of chair time and an extensive recovery period.

But in the late 1990s, a Portuguese dentist invented All-On-4® dental implants. This allowed dentists to anchor a full dental arch prosthetic to just four dental implants, which significantly reduced chair time and recovery. It was comfortable and certainly a better option for most people than replacing every missing tooth with an implant and dental crown (a single-tooth prosthetic).

However, during his years of practice, Dr. Roeder realized that there were some downfalls to the traditional screws traditionally used for All-On-4 dental implants. They sometimes broke and required a lot of maintenance. Plus, patients weren’t able to remove the prosthetic by themselves, so they couldn’t be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

So, Dr. Roeder went to work. He designed the Comfort Lock Implant Bridge and the Comfort Lock Implant Denture™, only available at Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care! The CLIB and the CLID (as we like to call them) work similarly to conventional dental implants, but Dr. Roeder replaced the screws with connectors. These connectors allow your bridge or denture to snap into place!

The Advantages Of The Comfort Lock Implant Bridge

With the CLIB and the CLID, you’ll experience the security and durability that people love about dental implants but with some added benefits!

The Comfort Lock Implant Bridge is:

    • About two-thirds the cost of All-On-4 dental implants.
    • Easily removed for routine cleanings at home and in our office.
  • Restored with zirconia dental restorations, so your smile will look great and be able to help you eat your favorite foods!

Plus, this new technology is a great alternative to traditional dentures.

The Comfort Lock Implant Denture allows you to experience the ease of removable dentures without ever having to worry about them slipping when you cough, laugh, or speak. It also eliminates the need for inconvenient denture adhesives!

The Process Of Getting A Comfort Lock Implant Bridge

When you come to Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care for a Comfort Lock Implant Bridge, the first thing we’ll do is talk with you about your smile goals and make sure that the CLIB/CLIB is right for you.

Then, we’re able to place and restore the implant in the same visit. You’ll be able to walk into our office without teeth and walk out the same day with a beautiful new smile!

At Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care, we pride ourselves on comfortable implant placement. We also offer three forms of dental sedation to further maximize comfort and minimize stress:

  • Nitrous oxide: You probably know this form of dental sedation already. It’s often referred to as “laughing gas” because it provides a mild euphoria.
  • Oral sedation: You’ll take a pill prior to the procedure, and it’ll help you feel relaxed and maybe a bit sleepy.
  • IV sedation: This deep form of dental sedation will help you experience your procedure as if you were in a dream. We’ll monitor your level of sedation and vital signs closely to ensure your comfort and safety.

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