Avoiding These Things Can Save Your Smile

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At Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care, we make it our mission to deliver comprehensive dental solutions under one convenient roof–our office on Broad Street. Because our leader, Dr. Roeder, is a trusted dentist, dental implant specialist, and smile makeover expert, we can handle just about anything in our Quakertown office. But wait, it gets better for you, because Dr. Roeder is also one of the few dentists in the region that is certified to administer a full-range of sedation dentistry techniques. To help keep you smiling, today, we have prepared a list of things to avoid, so that you can preserve your health and appearance for years to come. Keep reading, and then contact us to schedule your next appointment!

Ice Cubes

No matter what the circumstance may be, you should never munch on ice! Ice is so hard that chewing it can badly damage your teeth. Besides the chance of breaking a tooth, chewing ice also wears down the enamel of your teeth. This could lead to hot/cold sensitivity and even cavities. It can also create problems for your gums.

Soda Pop

Chances are good that you are going to have one every now and again, but you should not make this a daily habit. With as much sugar as a bottle of regular soda contains, it is not the best choice for your teeth. Many sodas also contain caramel and fructose, which is basically sugar that coats and sticks to your teeth. Don’t be fooled by diet either. Even though diet soda doesn’t have “sugar,” all soda is high in acidity. That acid can erode your enamel, making cavities much more likely to appear.


The movie theater variety is never going to be “healthy” with all that butter and salt, but the more natural popcorns are basically a healthy food option. That said, you still need to be careful when consuming it.  Popcorn can get stuck between your teeth, which is where harmful bacteria is lurking. That oral bacteria can eat the tiny parts of popcorn stuck there, increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. But more than that, there’s also always a possibility that you will bite into an unpopped kernel which is hard enough to damage or break your teeth.


There’s no doubt that a cup of coffee from The Broad Street Grind can really get you going in the morning, but it slowly stains your teeth over time, turning your once pearly whites into a nasty brown-yellow color. Worse than that, most coffee drinks have so much sugar in them, they’re as bad for your teeth as a bottle of soda pop.


We understand that it may be fun to hit a happy hour at The Proper Brewing Company with your co-workers, but there is a price to pay, and we aren’t talking about hangovers! The primary problem we have with alcoholic drinks is that they dry out your mouth. While drinking, your mouth won’t produce enough saliva, which you need to help wash away particles of food or drink from your teeth and gums. Also, some alcoholic drinks have a lot of sugar making them very bad for your teeth.

Sports Drinks

Stay away from sports drinks, generally speaking. Gatorade, along with other sports drinks, are really designed to be consumed only after you’ve been sweating a lot. This is why they contain carbohydrates, which is really just another form of sugar. Gatorade might not taste as sweet as soda  pop, but it can still do the same damage to your teeth. Water is always the safest bet for your smile!

You Make The Call!

We hope this information has been helpful. If you are ready to boost the health and appearance of your smile, you can call us anytime at 215-795-4625!