Cavities Can Be Controlled

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It is good to know that you have a dentist you can trust in Dr. Roeder. And if anything ever goes awry in your mouth, he’ll be here to get you back on-track fast. That includes cavities–which is one of the most common issues for our patients to run into. Keep reading to see how we can help stop cavities in their tracks. Then be sure to get in-touch to schedule your next appointment at Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care!

Cavities Can Take Hold Fast

Here’s how it usually happens: when you eat, all that dangerous bacteria in your mouth feeds on the leftover food particles (mainly sugars) and generates an acidic byproduct. That acid is what actually causes a cavity to take hold when it wears down your tooth enamel causing a weak spot in your tooth. In time, that weak spot turns into decayed zone commonly called a cavity.

Some Patients Are More Prone To Cavities

We want you to always try your best when it comes to oral hygiene. But some folks take better care of their teeth and still suffer from more episodes of decay than others who may not be as diligent. That may not seem fair but it’s completely normal.

Your propensity for fighting off cavities is controlled by many factors. Current studies estimate that at least 50% of your risk for tooth decay is built into your genetic make-up!

Your Inheritance Can Be Good Or Bad

Your parents give you so many things including your genetic parameters. These uncontrollable components determine so many things about your teeth that can impact their ability to keep decay at bay.

For one thing, the shape of your teeth makes a difference.

If your tooth has deep crevices, for example, you will be far more likely to develop decay simply because there are more places for bacteria to hide out and avoid your toothbrush.

Genetics can also play into the strength of your enamel and saliva, both of which are also part of your body’s defense mechanisms that fight against harmful bacteria.

Obviously, you can not do anything about the settings you were born with. But there is still plenty that you can do to keep your mouth healthy and clean.

It’s Easy To Stay On Top Of Your Oral Health

To keep your smile on-track, here are some easy answers…

Create A Daily Routine: You should be brushing in the morning and in the evening for two minutes at a stretch. Floss each evening without exception. You might also want to consider adding a fluoride-fortified mouth rinse to your agenda. Your dentist can also help you boost fluoride levels.

Consider Dental Sealants: If all else fails, you should think about using dental sealants. For this treatment, a thin plastic layer is painted on your tooth during a regular dental appointment. It will dry fast and will add a layer of protection between your tooth enamel and the acid produced by bacteria. These are great for kids, but can also help adults in a big way.

Stay Hydrated: Water allows your body to produce more saliva plus it helps wash harmful food particles and bacteria off of your teeth. When you think about it, most other beverages only make the risk for cavities higher by adding sugars and acids into the mix.

Visit The Dentist: The best way to prevent cavities is to come see us every 3-6 months.

We are here to help you stay on the good road with professional teeth cleanings, comprehensive oral exams, additional preventive measures, and a whole lot more.

Make It Happen!

Contact us today to set up your next appointment at our Quakertown, PA dentist’s office. We’ll keep you smiling through every stage of life!