If You Like The New Website, Let Us Know!

Hopefully you have noticed that our website received a major overhaul in recent months . And if you liked our newsletter, you’re going to love reading this blog! We are already posting here regularly, so please feel free to check back often for good information about all things related to oral health.

Our website now makes it a whole lot easier to find out about all the services we offer at Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care. So, if you’ve been visiting us for years for your regular dental cleanings and dental exams, you might be excited to know that you can also see us to have:

We do all of this and so much more, right here in Quakertown, PA! You can still call us at 215-804-4777 to schedule your next appointment – or your first appointment; we love new patients! – or you can try out our new online form.

All You Need To Know About Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care Is Here

If you’re a new patient or even a current patient who wants to learn more about our dental office, we recommend starting here:

  • Our “About Us” page will tell you all about our dental office, and our “Why Choose Us” page talks about what sets us apart from other dental offices.
  • Get the inside scoop on Dr. RoederDr. Kulp, and our friendly team members.
  • Ever wonder how Dream-Dentistry & Sleep Care got our name? Visit our “FAQ” section.

We Are Still The Great Quakertown, PA Dentist’s Office You’ve Come To Love

Even though we’ve improved our presence in the online world, we won’t be changing any of the things you’ve come to love around the office. Our team members are still as friendly as ever, we’re still churning out your favorite post-appointment treat at our milkshake bar, and we’re still opening early and staying late to get you the dental treatment you need at the appointment time that’s most convenient for you and your family.

Our number also hasn’t changed, so call us at 215-804-4777 to schedule your appointment, or use our easy online form.